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Online just a little? On there all the time? Somewhere in between? We’ve got the perfect Wi-Fi package for you and your home.

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Pick the landline setup you want
Our landline service is an additional £12 per month.
No landline
You just want WiFi - nice and easy! Most of our customers choose this option.
Transfer the landline number I have now (£30 including VAT)
We can transfer your landline number to our service . The transfer process takes about 14-days.
I would like a new landline phone number
New number = new you! We'll give you a new landline number with the same area code.
I’m not sure which option to go for yet
Not sure? Not a problem. Our expert team can advise you on the best choice for your needs.
Got a discount code? Pop it in here
While you won't see it on the next page, your discount code is applied to your broadband contract.

Still wondering which package is for you?

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