Balanced Broadband

Say hello to beautifully balanced broadband. You can now enjoy lightning-fast speeds in both directions, with the same upload and download speeds for just £5 extra per month. Go for it and banish buffering from movie nights, make home-working hassle-free, and level up your gaming with one super-simple switch.

Balanced Broadband

Enjoy broadband bliss with upload speeds that match your download speeds

Perfect for any package

There’s no minimum speed required – you can balance your broadband in any one of our packages, 150MB, 300MB, 500MB and 1GB, for just £5 per month.

Upload at the speed you need

Whether you’re after seamless streaming or ultra-fast file uploads, enjoy broadband that matches your needs.

Easy Activation

It’s super simple. With no extra technology required, just give our friendly Customer Service team a quick call and we’ll upgrade you. Bingo, you’ll receive increased upload speeds within 24 hours!

For all types of home

Whether you have a household of home-workers, full of family devices or just need an ultra-capable connection, GoFibre’s network is designed to cater to the demands of today’s digital world. Future-proof your home and enjoy ultra-fast, ultra-reliable and beautifully balanced broadband.

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