Wi-Fi Optimisation Visits

If you think your Wi-Fi set up could be better, GoFibre can send a Wi-Fi optimisation engineer to help increase Wi-Fi performance within your home or business. An expert engineer will check your premise from top to bottom and ensure you’re getting the best from your GoFibre Wi-Fi connection. This visit will last up to an hour, and cost £50 inc. VAT. ​

Here’s what our expert Wi-Fi optimisation engineer will do during their visit: ​

  • Check the Wi-Fi strength in all areas of your house ​
  • Confirm your router is set up correctly  and in the right  location to maximise Wi-Fi coverage within your home. ​
  • Check to see if any devices or other networks could be  interfering  with the strength of your Wi-Fi ​
  • Test Wi-Fi connectivity on a maximum of two devices  you use most – for example a mobile phone, tablet or laptop – as well as Wi-Fi extenders if you’ve ordered them. ​
  • Recommend any solutions, such as Wi-Fi extenders that could increase your Wi-Fi range, or potentially further engineering work such as moving the location of your Optical Network Terminal and cabling internally.

Unfortunately we can’t do these things during a Wi-Fi optimisation visit: ​ ​

  • Set up any smart devices or whole home networks​.
  • Touch your electrical supply or move any power sockets ​.
  • Extend the network to any exterior buildings (you may need to buy a second connection for this) ​.
  • Wash the dishes or sweep the floor – sorry!

If you would like extra things done such as: ​

  • Connect an ONT more than 3m from the entry point ​
  • Extending cabling within the house ​
  • More Wi-Fi optimisation or connecting other Wi-Fi extenders ​

We might be able to help, £100 per hour is our charge,  but it might need to be booked as a separate appt, your engineer will let you know. ​