Frequently asked questions


Who is GoFibre?

GoFibre specialises in delivering full fibre broadband to properties and businesses across Scotland and the north of England. Find out more on our About Us page.

Which package is right for me?

We offer a range of full fibre broadband packages to answer a range of needs. Call our expert team on 08000 590 980 and they’ll be able to recommend the best package to meet your needs.

How reliable is GoFibre’s broadband?

Our full fibre broadband is extremely reliable and boasts an impressive 99% uptime. In the rare event that you do experience a loss of speed or connection, get in touch with our support team who will assist in getting your connection back up to speed.

How do I switch to GoFibre from another broadband supplier?

It is easy to switch from your current broadband provider to GoFibre. Simply register your interest on our website and we will be in touch to talk about your package options and book your installation. Please note some providers may charge you a cancellation fee, but we’ll help guide you through this process.

Can I upgrade my full fibre broadband package during my contract?

Yes – you can upgrade your GoFibre broadband package at any time during your contract. Call us 08000 590 980 to talk about what would suit you best.

When is GoFibre coming to my town?

We’re building fibre as fast as we can in as many locations as we can! The best thing for you to do is register your interest and then you’ll be automatically included in updates about our fibre deployment and be one of the first to get connected.

What is ‘full fibre’ and why do we need it?

Full fibre, also known as FTTP (Fibre to the Premise), involves fibre optic cables running directly to your property; meaning you get an ultra-stable, uninterrupted connection which allows you to connect up to 100 devices, without a single glitch. Many people still rely upon a FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connection which is when full fibre cable reaches a green cabinet on your street, but then a copper wire carries the signal the rest of the way. This setup slows down speeds and leads to signal dropouts as it was never designed to carry the amount of data we work with today.

What will full fibre change for me?

Full fibre offers a stable, faster and more reliable connection. Considered the best type of digital connection available, it allows you to access, stream, download and upload content at a far superior rate than you could with a copper connection.

How long will it take for me to be installed?

As soon as our full fibre connection is available for your property, one of our friendly customer service team will be in touch to schedule your installation. We will complete our Teesdale rollout by the end of 2025.

Do I have to pay for the installation?

Installation is mostly free of charge when you sign up to GoFibre’s full fibre packages. However, this relies on us being able to connect you via an approved method, such as an overhead pole or existing duct, within reasonable distance of your home. If we need to do extra work because of exceptional reasons there may be a charge. For example if you have an extra long driveway, or you would prefer an underground connection instead of a pole. In this case we’d discuss what we call “exceptional engineering charges” with you before we go ahead.

Will I be notified before work takes place on my street?

Yes, we will send out material notifying you of any work that will be taking place as well as the timeframes for this. GoFibre also follows all guidelines and regulations provided by local authorities as a standard part of our building and planning process.

How long will you be working in my street for?

This typically varies depending on the level of work required. However, you will be notified when this work is taking place and an estimated timeframe for completion. We aim to cause as little disruption as possible.

We already have a full fibre provider building here, why do you need to build here too?

We were recently awarded the Project Gigabit contract to provide full fibre access to premises that are currently not able to receive ultrafast speeds. With our full fibre connection, you aren't restricted to just one provider. GoFibre provides an open line so many providers, in addition to GoFibre, will be able to offer you a service through our connection if they chose to.

Do I have to choose GoFibre?

No, you have complete control over which provider you choose who chooses to supply over our network.

What will happen to my copper line?

GoFibre will not remove your existing copper line. Openreach plans to slowly retire the copper network over the coming years. Having full fibre ensures you are prepared for the forthcoming copper switch off. Retiring the copper network will also help the UK become more energy efficient.

What is Project Gigabit?

Project Gigabit is the UK Government's £5 billion mission to deliver lightning-fast, reliable broadband to hard-to-reach homes and businesses across the UK. It specifically targets these that are not included in broadband suppliers plans. GoFibre was awarded the Project Gigabit contracts for both Teesdale and North Northumberland. You can read more about it here - Project Gigabit - GOV.UK ( /

Can I retain my landline number?

Yes, you can retain your landline number. Your number can be easily ported from one provider to another. Please note that there may be a transfer fee depending on which provider you choose. With GoFibre, it’s a one-off fee of £30, which we pay to BT.

How does this affect the voucher scheme?

The UK Government’s voucher scheme is set up to help broadband suppliers connect premises in rural and harder-to-reach locations. Each property can claim a voucher at a set value to contribute towards building a stable fibre network.