Wifi Extenders

Every home is different, we understand that. That's why we offer state of the art WiFi extenders alongside our GoFibre connection to make sure that no matter what kind of home you live in - you're making the most of your new high speed broadband.

WiFi Extenders

Full peace of mind

A guaranteed strong WiFi signal in every corner of your house

Advanced mesh technology

Our extenders work together to form a unified network under a single network name.

Supported speeds of up to 1200Mbps

Our extenders provide fast and stable connections with supported speeds as high as your GoFibre connection can go.

Easy installation

Our engineers will take full care of this for our customers (if purchasing as part of a new broadband install).

For all types of home

Those who need fast WiFi in every corner of their home - dead zones for Wi-Fi are more common than you may think! Those who live in large or home with multiple floors. Those in older style homes, with thick walls etc. Those who require Wi-Fi in outhouses, sheds and other buildings outside of their home. Those who want to extend the Wi-Fi to more parts of their garden.

The technical bit

A system of units to achieve seamless whole-home WiFi coverage - eliminate weak signal areas once and for all. WiFi 6 technology for superior leg free performance. Self adapting, easy to manage whole home WiFi.

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