Residential customer compensation policy

Our Mission

Our mission at GoFibre is to “Connect local people and businesses to an independent network built for a digital future.” We treat our customers fairly, and act in a transparent way. We have a set of customer policies at GoFibre which are clear and straight forward, so our customers know how they will be treated and what to expect when they deal with us.

Why do we have this policy?

At GoFibre we know that being connected is important to everyone and we also know that things don’t always work as planned: a broadband network is made from physical infrastructure and can be damaged and impacted by things like weather, broken lines, power outages and even furry animals. When there’s a problem and we can’t fix it rapidly, we want to be clear about what compensation our customers will get.

What does this policy cover?

This policy explains when we will give compensation for total loss of service, how much that will be, and what's not covered by us.

What is our policy?

We will always do our best to fix any issues with your broadband service as fast as we can, whether network related or in your home please contact us for any help ASAP by calling us on or emailing 08000 590 980

When you WILL receive compensation:

  • If your broadband service isn’t working due to a network fault and we can’t fix it within 3 working days of you reporting it to us - we’ll credit you £10.
  • If your broadband service continues to not work for longer than 7 working days - we’ll credit you your next month’s bill cost or £75, whichever is the lower.
  • If your broadband service isn’t working due to a verified hardware fault (i.e. your router), we’ll repair or replace it as soon as we can, if we don’t get it to you within 3 working days, we’ll credit you £10.
  • If we’ve promised to install and have your service up and running on a certain day, and if it’s our fault that we don’t get it done we’ll credit you £5 for each day it’s late, up to a maximum of 7 days (£35). This won’t apply if we’ve given you more than a week’s notice of a new date.

When you WONT receive compensation:

  • If you don’t experience “total loss of service” - for example an intermittent Wi-Fi issue or something causing broadband to run slow temporarily.
  • If your broadband service isn’t working due to matters beyond our control, such as a fault in your home, or other non-network related fault. We will not compensate for loss of opportunities, missed appointments or other business related or personal related issues as a result of any outages that happened (you can see more about that in our terms and conditions, available at
  • If a Civil Emergency happens (like an act of terrorism) we may not offer compensation, but these are thankfully incredibly rare.