Residential customer complaints policy

Our Mission

Our mission at GoFibre is to “Connect local people and businesses to an independent network built for a digital future.” We treat our customers fairly, and act in a transparent way. We have a set of customer policies at GoFibre which are clear and straight forward, so our customers know how they will be treated and what to expect when they deal with us.

Why do we have this policy?

At GoFibre we pride ourselves on our local independent network, and our fair customer service approach. However we also know that not everything works as it's intended to, and while we will always do our absolute best to solve things and achieve the right outcome, there will be times when that's not enough, and our customers will want to raise a complaint to get the right resolution.

What does this policy cover?

This policy explains how a customer can complain to us, and what we'll do to make sure any issues get resolved. This policy is for our residential customers.

What is our policy?

We will always do our best to fix any issues with your broadband service as fast as we can, whether network related or in your home please contact us for any help ASAP.

How to raise a complaint

To raise a complaint you must email

Please let us know the reason for your complaint and what we need to do to make things right for you.

What we'll do if you complain

  1. We’ll try to fix the issue straight away, and if we can't (for example because we need a specific type of engineer, or a tool) then we’ll tell you how long it will take and when it will be fixed.
  2. If we can’t do that or you’re not happy with that solution then we’ll escalate the complaint, we’ll give you a named senior service contact within GoFibre who will manage your complaint to resolution, they’ll give you a dedicated number to contact us, and will keep you informed during the process. They’ll consider compensation in line with our compensation policy here:
  3. Once we’ve resolved your complaint we’ll close it down, but keep a record so that if anything re-occurs we can reopen the complaint and rapidly escalate it for you.
  4. In the very rare instance where we can’t reach an acceptable resolution then we’ll issue a deadlock or ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) letter - you can read more about those in the next section.

No resolution or deadlock/ADR letter?

If 8 weeks have passed since you first complained with no resolution, or if we’ve issued a deadlock/ADR letter: GoFibre is a member of the Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS). CISAS is an independent Ofcom approved dispute resolution scheme, and they handle a complaint when it is “deadlocked” or has taken more than 8 weeks to resolve. You can read about CISAS and raise your complaint here: They’ll review the complaint from an independent point of view and make a decision on it. If you accept their decision we have 20 working days to remedy the situation for you. You can read more about the decision process here: Resolve a Telecoms Complaint - CEDR | Submit your complaint online CISAS FAQs - CEDR