GoFibre to bring world-class connectivity to Midlothian as construction begins with new full fibre broadband network

The Scoop | 17/08/2023


Construction of a new full fibre broadband network is underway in Midlothian across the town of Gorebridge.

The network, provided by Scottish independent broadband builder and provider, GoFibre, will be able to connect approximately 6,000 residents and businesses to the power of full fibre.

The expansion forms part of GoFibre’s next rollout phase which is on track to be completed in early 2024 as part of plans to grow its broadband network to reach almost 120,000 premises across Scotland and the North of England.

Full fibre broadband networks are considered to be the best type of connectivity, allowing communities to upload and download data with none of the disruption that ageing copper networks bring. However, it is only currently available to around 41% of Scottish residents.*

Lightning-fast and fit for the future, gigabit-capable broadband networks allow communities to upload and download data with none of the disruptions associated with ageing copper networks. More than 74 per cent of the UK can access gigabit connections – such as full fibre – but these are most common in urban areas. GoFibre are therefore continuing to bridge this divide, providing world-class digital connectivity to rural and harder to reach locations.

Once in place, Midlothian residents and businesses will have access to up to 10Gbps speeds, which significantly enhances their ability to work effectively from home, improves business productivity, and ensures households can use as many gadgets as they want to their hearts’ content.

Neil Conaghan, Chief Executive Officer of GoFibre, said:

“Sub-standard digital connectivity across Scotland’s towns and villa

ges, including Midlothian, has long been an issue facing local communities who have been largely left behind when infrastructure upgrades have been put in place.

“With our construction efforts now underway, we’ll be doing everything we can to play our part in the solution, helping to tackle the digital divide and equip residents and businesses in Gorebridge with the tools they need to drive success and innovation, both now and in the future.

“We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing patience during the construction phase and we look forward to them enjoying the benefits of full fibre later this year.”

Local residents and businesses will be kept up to date with plans and can check availability on the GoFibre website.