Call Plan+

Use your full-fibre connection to make and receive calls, with our easy to set up Call Plan+ Packed with robust features, it ensures crystal-clear voice calls allowing you to stay connected and elevate your communication at a competitive price.

Call Plan+

Reliable calling made simple

Call Plan+ is, simply put, a way of calling someone through your GoFibre line. Rather than using the old copper network, we can use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) to transfer your calls. This allows you to call people with a crystal clear connection on the same internet as your broadband, rather than using old telephone lines.

Crystal clear connection

Say goodbye to crackly lines.

Unlimited anytime calls to UK landline and mobiles

For all you chatterboxes.

Keep your landline number

Keep your landline number for a one-off £30 transfer fee.


Our phone service works in the same way as your traditional landline but with a few extra benefits: • Make and receive calls through your new router with crystal clear lines. • No additional line-rental charges. • Keep your existing landline number. • Unlimited calls to UK mobile and landline. • Anytime calls included as standard. • Simple set up to your new router.

Your landline number

You can keep your landline number for a one-off £30 transfer fee.

It usually takes around 14 days to transfer your number across and we will need you to complete a simple transfer application. If you don’t want to transfer your number, we can provide you with a new number with your area code for free. *It’s important to note we may not be able to transfer your number if you’ve cancelled with your previous provider, so please keep your phone line active.

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