Full fibre broadband for businesses

Go for setting and forgetting with our full fibre business broadband

Get the connection-confidence you’ve been looking for

Our state-of-the-art fibre network can handle more than 100 devices without a glitch. Our expert consultants will recommend the right setup for your business. From your HQ to a remote branch or office, you don’t need to worry.

Go for the full fibre difference

Go for increased productivity

With fast loading screens, full fibre broadband will help your team get more work done and keep morale high.

Go for care-free, connected customers

A faster, more reliable connection can help impress your customers and show them how advanced your business is.

Go for an extra-advantage

Fewer than 30% of businesses have access to full fibre. So it’s time to grab your competitive advantage.

Connection-confidence, whatever happens

Many businesses are still using legacy FTTC connectivity. That’s when full fibre cable reaches an exchange cabinet close to your premises and then copper wires carry the signal the rest of the way to your business. This setup slows down speeds and leads to signal dropouts. We run full fibre optic cable all the way to your door. So you get an uninterrupted connection and all the bandwidth your business needs to flourish.

Go for embracing unimaginable potential

With a full fibre business broadband connection, your data travels at the speed of light. Literally. So you can embrace the awesome potential of the cloud – and get first dibs on future tech that a needs a high-bandwidth, low-latency connection to run.

Our team will recommend a solution that fits your business

A safer, faster and smarter solution that gives you the connection-confidence you’ve been looking for.

Go for being there when it matters

Our superfast, low-latency connection helps your business tick in real time. Whether that’s colleagues collaborating on a project, a manager checking reports or a CEO facing a video call. You’re sorted.

Go for a future-proof connection

The Government plans to connect all businesses with gigabit-capable connectivity this decade. So embracing full fibre broadband now is the best way to future-proof your business – and stay ahead of the curve.

Go for being ready for change

As your business grows and adapts, you can increase the speed of your connection to keep your people productive. And when new technology breaks through, your broadband will take it in its stride.

The technical bit

We couldn’t advise on your tech without knowing ours first. With GoFibre, you get:
High-capacity broadband with our cutting-edge, XGSPON-based fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network. Offers speeds up to 10Gb/s. Whoosh! Got multiple locations? We can connect them to each other too! Cutting edge tech with private layer three networks (SD-WAN and MPLS) and layer two networks (VPLS and pseudo wire). A high-performance, super scalable network connected across four independent data centres in Scotland and North England. It’s built using the best equipment from Juniper, Fortinet and Nokia. Maximum capacity thanks to our dark fibre backhaul network that’s capable of 800Gb/s speeds