Leased lines for businesses

Go for connection-confidence with dedicated leased lines that are yours and yours alone

Connection-confidence, whatever happens

It’s impossible to tell what the future will bring, but you can be confident it’ll need an ultra-stable connection to deal with it. So regardless of if your business is upgrading, scaling-up or simply future proofing, with our full fibre you’ll have peace of mind it’ll work every time, without a glitch.

Go for ultra-fast

With speeds up to 10Gb/s you can upload just as fast as you can download. That’ll help boost your business' productivity.

Go for ultra-reliable

Get a connection that’s 99.99% reliable and never slows down.

Go for ultra-dedicated

With a dedicated connection that goes directly into your building, you can get guaranteed speeds every time.

Give your business the edge
Your business will gain a competitive advantage simply by having a connection you can rely on. See, not all connections are created equal. Leased lines are highly predictable and offer a consistently high performance – whatever the time of day or whatever you’re working on. Your customers and stakeholders also expect reliable communications. A full fibre leased line means less downtime, faster SLAs and confidence your connection will keep up with your business.
Wondering what a leased line is?
A leased line is a direct, dedicated full fibre connection between your premises and an internet provider. Unlike fibre to the premises (FTTP), you get your very own fibre optic cable that you don’t share with any other business. A leased line also offers identical download and upload speeds. So your business gets the bandwidth it needs.

Ready to go for a dedicated solution that fits your business?

Our team can recommend a safer, faster and smarter solution that gives you the connection-confidence you’ve been looking for.

Go for being there when it matters

Our superfast, low-latency connection helps your business tick in real time. Whether that’s colleagues collaborating on a project, a manager checking reports or a CEO facing a video call. You’re sorted.

Go for a future-proof connection

The Government plans to connect all businesses with gigabit-capable connectivity this decade. So embracing full fibre broadband now is the best way to future-proof your business – and stay ahead of the curve.

Go for being ready for change

As your business grows and adapts, you can increase the speed of your connection to keep your people productive. And when new technology breaks through, your broadband will take it in its stride.

The technical bit

We couldn’t advise on your tech without knowing ours first. With GoFibre, you get:
Leased lines that pack an ultra-capable punch with up to 10Gb/s speeds. So you can be super confident that you and your employees will stay connected. Our leased lines are available all across the UK so we can connect your business regardless of location. Ultra-scalable and optional co-managed security on the super-safe Fortinet platform. An always-on connection across the UK thanks to interconnected, wholesale aggregators.