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With Cloud Connect, you get a lightning-fast and rock-solid connection to the cloud provider(s) of your choice, whether that’s AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, GCP or another. Think of Cloud Connect as like a direct line to the cloud – fast, dedicated and robust.

Cloud Connect from GoFibre

Business Cloud Connect

We’re all using more cloud services than ever before, and for good reason. The cloud can make businesses agile and efficient. It can cut costs and allow easy and almost limitless scalability.

With that in mind, Cloud Connect is your secure, private, high-performance route to the cloud. It makes for an ultra-reliable connection, and that’s vital. When you rely on cloud services, dropouts and downtime become a business-critical concern.

Three reasons to choose Cloud Connect

Reliable and secure

Cloud Connect allows you to access cloud providers through a dedicated, high-performance line that is reliable, private and secure.

A safe route to all your clouds

You may have more than one cloud provider, of course. For example, you might take services from AWS, IBM Cloud and Salesforce at the same time. That’s no problem. With Cloud Connect you can connect to them all from the same network.

A fastest route to all your cloud

With Cloud Connect from GoFibre, your data can flow to and from the cloud at speeds of anywhere between 100Mbps and 10Gbps. Getting the right ultrafast speed for your needs means file downloads are fast and smooth, and cloud services and applications will never stutter or slow down.

Key features

  • A dedicated service direct to the cloud provider(s) of your choice
  • Lightning-fast speeds ensure smooth operations
  • GoFibre can define your service end-to-end, meaning you get the bandwidth, performance, flexibility and support to meet your exact requirements
  • Cloud Connect’s unlimited service can drastically reduce data transfer charges
    Multiple cloud connects can be used in the same network, to facilitate AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, GCP and more
  • CCloud Connect is fast, secure and robust, massively reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Cloud Connect for services like Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud?

Not usually, but if your business is using cloud solutions to store your data, still get in touch because Cloud Connect may help to further optimise your workflows.

What else can I use the cloud for other than storing data?

The cloud can pretty much do what you want it to, whether that’s machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence-based services, IoT data ingestion, massive scientific and mathematic computations or anything else!

Will we need to upgrade our IT hardware?

Every GoFibre connection comes with a router capable of delivering the superfast speeds. Depending on your network and the site’s size, some of your cabling may need upgrading and we also have high-bandwidth Wi-Fi extenders available for larger locations.

What help is available post install?

We have a range of service level agreements that guarantee fixes within a specific timeframe for an added level of reassurance.

Can I get rid of my old connections’ network management services?

We don’t recommend removing services that currently protect your network. We do partner with market-leading security providers, so feel free to speak to our sales team regarding network security, and we can discuss possible solutions that could better protect your valuable data.

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