Our next generation full fibre network will ensure your business can handle all the digital services you can throw at it and more.

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Business full fibre from GoFibre

The perfect broadband for your business.

When your business relies on the internet, you need a connection that helps you grow.

Boost productivity

Slow loading screens? Full fibre broadband will help your team get more work done and keep morale high.

Enhance your service

A faster, more reliable connection can help impress your customers and show them how advanced your business is.

Beat the competition

Less than 30% of businesses have access to full fibre, its time to claim your competitive edge.

The full fibre difference

Up until recently, most businesses connected to the internet via copper cables that run from the site to a green cabinet nearby and then used a fibre line to the closest exchange.
Now we can lay the fibre optic cables all the way. Even from the green cabinet into your business, which means you get an uninterrupted connection that ensures your business has the bandwidth it needs to flourish in our increasingly digital economy.

full fibre difference for business

Explore near-limitless potential

With a full fibre business broadband connection, your data travels at the speed of light (literally), which means you can embrace the unimaginable potential of the cloud, adopt new futuristic tech like VR, that require high-bandwidth, low-latency connections perform properly.

Plus, a low-latency connection like ours helps your business react in real-time, whether that’s colleagues collaborating on a document, a manager checking productivity reports, or a CEO on an important video call that needs to impress.

business broadband from gofibre
GoFibre FUll Fibre comparison chart

Get your business ready for the unknown

With the government’s plans to connect all businesses with gigabit-capable connectivity this decade, embracing full fibre business broadband now is the best way to future-proof your business, no matter what the future holds.

As your business grows and you hire more staff, you can increase the speed of your connection to keep everyone productive. And when the next big technological revolution goes mainstream, your connection will be able to handle it with ease.

Keep business devices connected

Most if not all your staff have more than one device that they use regularly to access the internet: tablets, mobiles, laptops, even watches! The number of business hardware that also connects to your network including printers, alarms, CCTV etc. is also growing.

That means you need router that can handle all your devices at once. Thankfully, ours enable you to connect up to 100 devices at once.

connect multiple devices with full fibre from gofibre

Switching to full fibre is easy

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With GoFibre, you can choose the speed you need, for whatever you want to do online.


Business Full Fibre speeds up to 100Mbps

per month

for 36 months

(ex. VAT) T&C’s apply.
Business Full Fibre speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Free Static/Dynamic IP

per month

for 36 months

(ex. VAT) T&C’s apply.

Best value

Business Full Fibre speeds up to 500Mbps
  • Free Static/Dynamic IP

per month

for 36 months

(ex. VAT) T&C’s apply.


Business Full Fibre speeds up to 1,000Mbps
  • Free wi-fi extender
  • Free Static/Dynamic IP

per month

for 36 months

(ex. VAT) T&C’s apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install Full Fibre Broadband?

Depending on your exact location, it varies, but we install most connections within a couple of days of receiving the order. If you’re in an area where we haven’t already laid our infrastructure, it could take a bit longer. You can check availability on your street by using our Postcode Checker!

Will my speeds change at busy times through the day?

No. One of the great things about FTTP is that your speeds are much more stable than copper services, meaning you get the speeds you pay for, day-in-day-out!

Will we need to upgrade our IT hardware?

Every GoFibre connection comes with a router capable of delivering the superfast speeds. Depending on your network and the site’s size, some of your cabling may need upgrading and we also have high-bandwidth Wi-Fi extenders available for larger locations.

Can I get rid of my old connections’ network management services?

We don’t recommend removing services that currently protect your network. GoFibre partners with market-leading security providers, so feel free to speak to our sales team regarding network security, and we can discuss possible solutions that could better protect your valuable data.