Protect your business: Virtual Firewalls

Our Virtual Firewall solution is similar to our Dedicated Firewall, but is designed for small or growing companies that need serious protection at an accessible price, combined with the flexibility to scale their security service as their business expands.

Virtual firewalls from gofibre

Business Virtual Firewalls

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and that’s not us trying to scare you, that’s straight from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre. In fact, 39% of all UK businesses (that’s 2.3m) reported a cyber breach or attack in 2020/21!*

That’s why GoFibre offers a high-availability hosted firewall solution based on industry-leading Fortinet technology. Our Virtual Firewall is a top tier business firewall, and because it’s a hosted solution, you can leave the nitty gritty to us. We’ll make sure your firewall is always available and always offers optimal protection.

Three reasons to choose Virtual Firewalls

Always available

With a firewall from GoFibre, availability is assured. With nodes in different datacentres, your firewall will stay up even if a datacentre goes down.

The best of both worlds

Our hosted firewall is a co-managed solution, which means you can make changes when you need to, or you can ask us to make them for you. It’s entirely up to you. We’ll always look after the firewall platform, including licensing, software upgrades, hardware maintenance and more.

Fit for any network

Our Virtual Firewall can be integrated with other advanced Fortinet products, like FortiAnalyzer and FortiClient, for complete enterprise-grade protection.

Key features

  • Offers comprehensive protection at an attractive price
  • A hosted solution that takes your cybersecurity headache away, so you can focus on growing your business
  • Our multi-datacentre approach means your firewall is always up and running and protecting your business
  • We’ll create a private internal network, allowing you to add sites without having to reconfigure devices every time you make a change
  • A cost-effective, scalable firewall solution
  • Integrates with a range of security solutions for true enterprise-grade protection

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The alternative to Virtual Firewalls


Our Dedicated Firewall solution also integrates with other GoFibre security functions such as analytics, endpoint security, SIEM (Security, Information and Event Management) to offer comprehensive, all-encompassing protection for your vital services and data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a firewall the only security I need?

That depends on the size and nature of your business, and your own attitude to risk. The good news is that our Virtual Firewall integrates with a range of complementary security solutions to create an enterprise-grade security service, if that’s what’s needed.

What happens if I don't use a firewall?

Not using, or disabling a firewall altogether means all the data you send and receive would travel freely, full exposing your entire network to interception, intrusion and malicious attacks. In other words, you wouldn’t leave you office’s main entrance unlocked, so we certainly wouldn’t recommend doing the same for your digital locks!

Is a firewall necessary?

Unless you’re in a specific industry, such as finance or military firewalls are not typically required by law, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one. Safeguarding your network proves to your customers and colleagues just how much your respect their data, and the lengths you’ll go to keep it safe.

Do firewalls stop all hackers?

Being honest, no solution is 100% safe in every scenario. For example, a firewall will greatly reduce a hacker’s ability to access your network via backdoors & security vulnerabilities. But, a firewall won’t prevent users from clicking a phishing email, internal attacks or stop network breaches.

Will a firewall have any effects on our network’s speed?

Yes, but for good reason. A firewall needs bandwidth (and therefore time) to process data packets entering or leaving the network by analysing risk in real time. Thankfully, our range of full fibre and leased line connections offer plenty of bandwidth to ensure any delays are kept to an absolute minimum.

Will we need to upgrade our IT hardware?

Our Virtual Firewall works with most hardware configurations, though it’s most suited to smaller businesses and start-ups.

What help is available post install?

We have a range of service level agreements that guarantee fixes within a specific timeframe for an added level of reassurance.

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