Why GoFibre

We’re building a next-gen full fibre network to better connect businesses with their colleagues and customers.
We’ll be connecting over 500,000 premises in the next three years so that operations like yours can enjoy reliable, business-grade connectivity built to exceed your needs. Welcome to the new world of reliable, stutter-free full fibre business broadband.

The business benefits of Full Fibre Broadband

Incredible speeds to fuel productivity.

With our phenomenal fibre network, that delivers speeds all the way up to 1Gbps, you can make sure your team has the bandwidth they need to get the job done before the deadline arrives.
You’ll find video conferencing doesn’t stutter or freeze and the quality is as good as can be. Downloading massive files only takes seconds and your colleagues can connect to cloud services without having to wait for pages to load.

GoFibre FUll Fibre comparison chart

Unimaginable potential for growth.

A successful business is a growing business and as we just mentioned, a full fibre connection will grow with your business as your needs grow. That could be adopting new technologies or cloud-based services that need an internet connection like VR. Or, when you’re hiring more staff – even entirely new teams – you won’t have to worry about the effects of increased traffic on your network.

Keep your team happy

With less challenges in the way of them completing their tasks, your staff will be in a better general mood, boosting the entire team’s morale and reducing staff churn. Plus, happy staff tend to make happy customers. When your team is less stressed, they can focus more on your customers and make sure they’re deliver the best possible service.

Trust us to keep you ahead.

If your business relies on your internet connection to operate, take payments or stay in touch with customers, a reliable connection you can trust is paramount. You can trust us to keep you online, so that you can better compete with local and national operations, as well as enhance and deliver a level of service your customers will want to keep on coming back for.

Full fibre means future-proof.

BT and Openreach are in the middle of replacing legacy copper networks which means by 2026, fibre broadband will be essential for any connected business. But, the data appetite of UK businesses is only increasing, so a full fibre connection, with the ability to scale speeds into the Gbps, is the best way to future-proof your business for years to come.

GoFibre part of the R100 scheme

R100 Scheme

The Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme provides funding to help homes and businesses to obtain superfast broadband where providers may not ordinarily go.

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