GoFibre joins Scotland's Full Fibre Charter

The Scoop | 02/04/2022

GoFibre has officially signed up to Scotland’s Full Fibre Charter. This is a nationally recognised pledge that serves both communities and the digital infrastructure of the country. It allows commercial providers the flexibility and protections to deliver a future-proofed, national fibre network to support Scotland’s financial recovery, enable innovation and transition to a low carbon economy.

As a signee to Scotland’s Full Fibre Charter, GoFibre has committed to five key pledges, guiding the Scottish Government and network operators as they work together to maximise full fibre coverage throughout Scotland.

In signing the Charter, GoFibre has pledged to:

Deliver infrastructure

Accelerate the delivery of full-fibre networks to all of Scotland, both through commercial rollout and use of public funding, including investing in the Scottish Government-enabled fibre tax relief to extend coverage to areas that would otherwise be regarded as uncommercial. This will deliver full fibre to more of Scotland than might’ve otherwise been possible.

Prioritise build

Working closely with the Scottish Government on future data gathering exercises to assist in identifying and prioritising areas that have no coverage for more robust investment in new full-fibre broadband and mobile connectivity.

Support the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy

GoFibre will support the Scottish Government’s digital connectivity objectives by contributing resources and practical support in the deployment of full-fibre and 5G networks, including actively seeking opportunities for trialling new technologies in Scotland and improving rural connectivity.

Support and develop our workforce

As a signee, GoFibre will develop a workforce in Scotland with the necessary skills for the delivery and maintenance of full-fibre networks, supporting career progression and ensuring access to developmental workplace opportunities. Signees have also pledged, where possible to recruit and develop under-represented groups in the sector, particularly regarding gender equality and the next generation.

Work fairly

Finally, by signing the Charter, GoFibre will ensure that all operations will implement the Fair Work First approach, adopting practices such as trade union recognition; investment in workforce development; no inappropriate use of zero-hours contracts; action to tackle the gender pay gap, creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces, and payment of the real Living Wage.

GoFibre will support the national mission of creating new jobs, good jobs, and green jobs as well as supporting the Scottish Government’s initiatives to encourage a healthy and active workforce.

Alex Cacciamani, GoFibre CEO said: “We are proud to dedicate ourselves to the Charter and these pledges, for the benefit of Scotland’s economic recovery and the connectivity of our nation, but most importantly, for the communities that we serve today, and all those yet to come.”

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