Why go for GoFibre?

We’re building a state-of-the-art full fibre network to connect towns, villages and cities with the very best broadband around. We’ll be connecting over 500,000 homes in the next three years. So unlock an exclusive broadband network built to exceed your expectations. Welcome to the fast, reliable and buffer-free world of full fibre broadband.

Go Fast, Really Fast

When you’re doing more online than ever, you need a connection that can handle it.

GoFibre FUll Fibre comparison chart

Unlock incredible broadband capability

GoFibre - full fibre broadband bliss

Experience broadband bliss.

Think super smooth video calls and lag-free gaming. Think streaming services that never freeze or stutter. Think smart devices that connect your home.

Full fibre broadband means you can handle any online task with ease. So while the kids are gaming online, you can sit back and stream your favourite binge-worthy box set.

Make your home a true hotspot. 

Not only do we provide the fastest available speeds to your door, we include the kit to make it work like a dream indoors too. And not just in one room. With GoFibre, you can have fantastic online experiences wherever you are in the house, from attic to basement. If you’ve never been able to brag about how good your Wi-Fi is before, well, now you can.

Oh, and setting up GoFibre broadband is simplicity itself. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Be the best home worker with GoFibre

Homeworking with a competitive edge.

Nobody wants to let slow broadband get in the way of doing a great job, and that’s especially true in the new world of remote and hybrid work. Full fibre helps homeworkers get the job done effortlessly. No more buffering video calls or super-slow file downloads. All you have to worry about is if you’re on mute or not.

Incredible reliability. 

Whether you’re working, learning, gaming or streaming, the last thing you need is an internet outage. Luckily, with GoFibre you’ll be up and running 99.99% of the time. Full fibre broadband offers the most reliable connection ever, so you can connect more and worry less. 

GoFibre broadband reliability with full fibre
Full Fibre for unimaginable broadband needs of the future

Look to the future.

The direction of travel is all one way. We’re all doing more online than ever before, and that trend is here to stay.

Full fibre broadband from GoFibre means you’ll never again be left behind in the race to the future. We’re bringing fast, reliable broadband to underserved areas like yours so you can lead the digital life you want to, today, tomorrow and five years down the line.

Oh, and if you needed another reason to go full fibre, how about this? It can increase the value of your home, or at least make it more desirable if you ever come to sell. 

R100 Scheme

The Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme provides funding to help homes and businesses to obtain superfast broadband where providers may not ordinarily go.

GoFibre part of the R100 scheme

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